My Name is Adam Von Rothfelder, I'm a movement guru and a motivational mind bomb. I believe that my passion for movement started at a young age with gymnastics and martial arts. As I grew up I always dreamed of being a professional athlete as Im sure all of us did. In 2008 I fought my first Pro MMA fight setting the course for what has been an amazing life. Although my career in fighting was short lived it was what I learned getting there that left such an impression on me.

It is my belief that as former professional fighter that I truly understand what it's like to fight for what you want and I want to motivate you and I'm willing to fight for it. In 2010 I opened Drench Fitness Boutique a unconventional training facility in Milwaukee, WI in my hopes to help the city in which I was born and raised. 5 years later I'm still going STRONG and excited to push forward as a collective.. as a community.. as CoMo. CoMo is my way of life and how movement can bring us together.